Thursday 12th July 2007
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Central Hume PCP Falls Prevention Project 2004-2006

Central Hume Falls Prevention Project involved 17 community members and 23 representatives from Central Hume Primary Care Partnership partner organizations actively working on a steering committee and four local falls prevention groups. These groups were formed around the geographic areas of Alpine, Benalla, Mansfield and Wangaratta.

The project focused on reducing the personal risks, risks around the home, and risks in public places.

Project Aims

    • Reduce severity of injuries from falls among older people living in their own homes
    • Reduce risk and incidence of falls

Project Objectives

    • Embed falls prevention activities into the regular program of partner organisations
    • Integrate falls prevention awareness into the regular activities of older people
    • Build the capacity of participating groups and organisations to conduct falls prevention activities and promote the programs sustainability
    • Gather data to assist in the development or modification of program activities to achieve high quality outcomes and best practice process

The final report can be viewed by clicking on the link below:

A Personal Home Safety Checklist designed to help reduce risks of falling around the home can be viewed below:

   Falls Prevention-Hume Partnership Personal Home Checklists.pdf     (0.06 MB) - Last modified 14th February 2007
   CHPCP Falls Prevention Final Report 2006.pdf     (0.12 MB) - Last modified 14th February 2007

Healthy Ageing Strategy Action Plan Results July 2006

Click below to view the results of the Strategy's Action Plan.

   Healthy Ageing Strategy Action Plan Results July 2006.pdf     (0.14 MB) - Last modified 17th August 2006