Central Hume Primary Care Partnership

About Central Hume Primary Care Partnership

What do we do and why?

The Central Hume Primary Care Partnership’s Mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of the local population by strengthening inter-agency coordination, focusing on systemic issues, research activities, needs identification, planning and outcomes monitoring.

About Central Hume Primary Care Partnership

 These activities are focused specifically on the areas of:

  • Better cross-agency coordination of services
  • More integrated approaches to health promotion
  • Improved integration of chronic disease management

The Central Hume Primary Partnership is a voluntary alliance of community health, local government and other health care providers working together to establish and implement a common framework for promoting and delivering primary health care services across the region. By bringing together the organisations at the health system's first point of entry, such as general practice, hospitals, local government and many more, the Partnership works to ensure cohesion and coordination between its members and the services they provide.

At the core of the Partnership's work is an ongoing mission to strengthen inter-agency coordination in the areas of needs identification, planning, service delivery and health promotion. These main aims of the partnership are key contributors to the building of a healthy and resilient community across the four areas of Alpine Shire, Benalla Rural City, Mansfield Shire and the Rural City of Wangaratta.

The CHPCP 2013-2017 Strategic Plan reflects the changes to the Victorian Department of Health PCP Program Logic as well as the Hume Health Services Partnership.

The 4 priorities are:

  1. Diabetes
  2. Heart Disease
  3. Healthy Eating
  4. Aboriginal Health

The partnership has three Focus Areas to address the four priorities:

  1. Prevention
  2. Client & Community Engagement
  3. The Client Journey

Through supporting initiatives put forward by our Local Partnerships, this local area-based approach supports the four Municipal Public Health & Wellbeing Plans in Central Hume.

Building on the plans, projects and partnerships that are embedded in our community already, the Partnership aims to improve the health system through locally identified issues and state health initiatives alike, always ensuring the community's needs come first.

 The CHPCP's core values are:

  • Approaching our work with integrity, always putting community interest and client experience first
  • Celebrating the diversity of people and organisations who all play an important role in achieving our mission
  • Being inclusive in our approaches to developing local solutions

By approaching projects and initiatives with the values of the PCP in mind, we are able to achieve our core goals to enhance service coordination, implement integration of health promotion and improve chronic disease management.

By aligning partnership interactions with local government structures and taking an approach that acknowledges existing and ongoing local planning, consultation, initiatives and partnerships, we can play a more enhanced role in our communities.

Chpcp Organisational Chart As At December 2014.pdf
Chpcp Strategic Plan 2013 17 Final.pdf