Central Hume Primary Care Partnership

Healthy Eating

The role of the PCP over 2013/2014 has been to support collaborative planning, implementation, evaluation and reporting of actions identified in the CHPCP Healthy Eating Plan 2012 – 2017. Below are some of the achievements under the objectives of the plan.


Work with community and organisations to create supportive environments that increase awareness of and access to culturally valued food by June 2017:

  • Food Security Reports were completed in all four local government areas identifying local food access issues and opportunities for action. Local food networks have been established in two local government areas to address local food issues and opportunities for action identified in the food security reports.
  • Local initiatives to support access to healthy food options such as community gardens, food swaps, healthy food choices at community events and some local restaurants (Benalla Small Plates Pilot Project).
  • Support was also provided to local schools, early childhood services and workplaces who were interested in supporting healthy eating.
  • Development of the ‘Food For All’ logo as well as the Freshbytes newsletter and schools newsletter to increase the profile of healthy eating and share information and resources.


Increase opportunities for families on low incomes to access a diet that meets the Australian Dietary Guidelines by June 2017:

  • Development and implementation of the Local People, Local Food Solutions Project (Rural City of Wangaratta) in which agencies work with and support community research volunteers to identify and address healthy eating issues for local people on low incomes.
  • Health Champions projects (Alpine Shire and Benalla Shire) developed to support local community members to promote and role model healthy lifestyle messages.
  • Transport access options improved for people living in ‘food desert’ areas in Benalla.


Increase breastfeeding rates at 3 month observations by 10% by June 2017:

  • Parent Needs survey’s conducted in three local government areas and advocacy through local media results in two new parents change room facilities in Wangaratta.
  • Development of the ‘Communities Latching onto Breastfeeding’ campaign and resource kit to raise awareness and support for breastfeeding.
  • A significant increase in the number of ‘breastfeeding welcome here’ venues in Wangaratta, Mansfield and Myrtleford.


Support healthy alcohol consumption behaviours of women of reproductive age in the Rural City of Wangaratta:

  • The Rural City of Wangaratta Alcohol Report was developed which identified local data, mapped local alcohol outlets and collated local issues around alcohol use.
  • The development and piloting of a alcohol screening and brief intervention tool with Maternal & Child Health nurses and Practice Nurses within a local GP Clinic.
  • Promotion of the safe drinking message and the alcohol screening and brief intervention tool in local media.


Build the capacity of CHPCP IHP member agencies to work collaboratively to plan, implement and evaluate a catchment integrated plan by June 2017:

  • Case studies of IHP work were presented by CHPCP member agencies at three national conferences.
  • One Hume Region Community of Practice event was coordinated and evaluated by the Hume Region PCP IHP Coordinators.