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Advance Care Planning

Advance Care Planning is a process of reflection, discussion and communication that enables a person to plan for their future care needs, for a time when they are not able to make or communicate decisions for themselves.

Advance Care Planning is about person-centred care and promotes the expression of a person's values, beliefs and life goals in the event that a person is unable to express their preferences themselves.

An Advance Care Plan will help guide future care, including how decisions are made and by whom.

Advance Care Planning

Advance Care Planning - At A Glance

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Advance Care Planning - Information for GPs

What does Advance Care Planning (ACP) mean to General Practice?

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Taking Care of Dying Time - Step 1

The Advance Care Planning Initiative (East Hume and Border) is delighted to release the Taking Care of Dying Time video which has been produced in conjunction with the Central Hume Koolin Balit Project and Central Hume Primary Care Partnership.

Advance Care Planning is having a conversation with family, friends and your doctor about the type of medical care you would want or not want to receive if you became seriously ill or injured. Writing down your advance care planning conversation in a plan, directive or letter helps people to know and remember what you wantand makes it easier to communicate your wishes.

In Taking Care of Dying Time Chris Thorne (Central Hume Aboriginal Community Support Worker - Koolin Balit) talks about his recent experience where advance care planning would have been of very real benefit. In the video Chris encourages everyone – young and old – to talk with their family and write down an advance care plan so people will know their wishes if they become seriously ill or injured and cannot speak for themselves.

Taking Care of Dying Time - Step 1 - 4 min version

Taking Care of Dying Time - Step 2 - 10 min version

Advance Care Planning - Community Information

What is an advance care plan?

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